28 December 2003

The disused building complex at Woburn shortly after midnight. The rain is visible on the road in front, particularly from the lights of the Chemist at the far right. A spot of rain appears in the top left hand corner of the frame. Day three at the Basin Reserve, Wellington. This batsman is about to get caught out. Another successful appeal at the Basin Reserve, Wellington. A tail-order New Zealand batsman competently defends his first delivery at the Basin Reserve, Wellington. In the background is the Mount Victoria tunnel.
Trojan House on Manners Street, Wellington. I lived on the second floor (where the windows appear to be boarded up) for around six months. In the foreground is Te Aro Park, formerly Pidgeon Park. Elaine and Lionel Sharman having coffee at my parents' place. Mum, Dad, Elaine, and Lionel Sharman having coffee. Mum, Dad, me (Nicholas), and Lionel having coffee. Elaine is taking the shot.

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