Mum, Dad, me (Nicholas), and Lionel having coffee. Elaine is taking the shot. Dad and me (Nicholas) on the same footbridge. Towards the lower left you can just see the edge of the lagoon. Denise, me (Nicholas), and Mauricio outside one of the rooms at the Sand Castle Motel, Peka Peka. Haydn, Denise, Nicholas, and Snaiet relaxing in room 6 of the Sand Castle Motel. Jann took this picture.
A second shot of Haydn, Denise, Nicholas, and Snaiet. Snaiet moves even more than last time in this photo. A third shot of the four of us. Snaiet doesn't move this time, but the camera does. The gang with me (Nicholas) in the shot. I'm the one with visible red-eye. Jann took this shot. Mauricio, me (Nicholas), Haydn, Paul, Snaiet, and Denise pose for a photo while eating fish 'n' chips. In the background, a couple and their dog appear on the sand dunes.
The gang pose for another shot. Jann takes the photo here. The whole gang pose for a photo. The couple who appeared in the last two shots take this photo. Mauricio, Jann, Haydn, Paul, me (Nicholas), Snaiet, and Denise pose for another photo while eating fish 'n' chips.

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