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The northern docks of Cooma platform, looking north towards the rail yard. A look north along the northern end of Cooma platform. To the left, a tree can be seen growing amongst the trackwork of the northern docks. A better look noth towards Cooma rail yard. The northern end of Cooma platform, the main signals north, and the cutting north of Cooma station.
The barracks to the east of Cooma railway station. A sign at the northern end of Cooma railway station describes the history of the railway. Looking south along the northern end of Cooma platform back to the northern docks. The main signals and engine shed at Cooma rail yard, looking north.
The turntable at Cooma rail yard, with trolleys anchoring each end. A sign describing the signalling equipment in Cooma rail yard. A closer look up at the main signals north of the station, looking roughly northeast. Looking northwest, we see disused points, overgrown track and the town in the distance.
A stop sign on the eastern line passing the station. Ground work at the northern end of the barracks can also be seen. Another look at the engine shed and yard signals. The main northern signals, looking southeast. Looking north on a small footpath between main and loop lines. There won't be any activity in the yard until the rail car returns from Chakola.
Looking southwest from the barracks side of the tracks back to Cooma railway station. A small building just north of the barracks, looking east. The one visible window has been boarded up. Detail of the northwestern corner of the barracks. A sign gives the history of the barracks at Cooma railway station.
The remaining foundations of one of the demolished barracks south of the current remaining building. Another look to the southwest of the barracks back to Cooma station and platform. Another look north from the barracks side of the railway. We can see the yard layout up to the engine shed. Another look north in between the main and loop lines, showing more detail of the rail yard up to the engine shed. The water tank can also be seen.

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