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An overgrown section of the Crookwell line just past 228km. A mangled point rod can be seen on the right. IMG_0039.jpg IMG_0040.jpg Points separate across a sealed road at 228km on the Crookwell line.
The Crookwell line crosses Taralga Road, Bradfordville. The rails have been removed from the road. A siding or loop line at Bradfordville on the Crookwell line. The operating lever is visible on the left. A siding or loop line at Bradfordville on the Crookwell line. Obstructions can be seen in the distance. IMG_0049.jpg
Wind turbines south of Crookwell. A wind turbines south of Crookwell. Trees at the bottom of the valley provide scale. IMG_0056.jpg IMG_0058.jpg
A cattle race just off the highway into Crookwell. IMG_0060.jpg IMG_0064.jpg IMG_0068.jpg
The northern end of the Crookwell line ends with an unassuming buffer stop just past the platform. Turntable at Crookwell station, as seen from the platform. The Crookwell sign at the down end of the railway platform. View from a room at the Horse and Hound, Crookwell, where I stayed the night.
Road-side view of the Crookwell railway station. Crookwell sign on the road side of Crookwell railway station. Platform and shelter at Crookwell railway station. The clock works, and keeps good time. In the background the line heads towards the buffer stop. Crookwell railway yard. The trikes are out in preparation for a working bee.

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