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A rear view of steam engine 1307 from the southern end of the yard. The boiler has received some damage. Looking along the goods platform to some of the wagons. Across the road, the local architecture also suggests a railway heritage. The rake of wagons in the Yass railway yard. More wagons along with shunter X203 in the Yass railway yard.
Steam engine 1307, plus a carriage and van in the background. The bridge over the Yass river, looking north. A closer look at the main span over the Yass river. To the east of the bridge, what looks like a tank and water pipe, presumably for steam engines to refill from the Yass river.
The underside of the Yass bridge, looking from the southern end. The underside of the southern end of the Yass river railway bridge. Some track can be seen at the top. Detail of some of the bolts that secure the bridge over the Yass river. Looking up the embankment on the south side of the Yass bridge, a 'No Access' sign and gate.
The 'No Access' sign, with the Yass railway bridge behind it. A look along the track north across the Yass railway bridge. Another look north along the disused railway track over the Yass railway bridge. The focus is on the leaves of the trees covering the southern entrance to the Yass railway bridge.
Focus on the Yass railway bridge, look up the line from the southern end. The track looks in pretty good shape. Looking back from the southern end of the bridge, the track takes a small curve to line up with Dutton street. The northern end of Dutton street, with the Yass river behind. The track has a few wiggles in it here. Another kink in the rail at the northern end of Dutton street in Yass, looking southeast towards the Yass Railway Museum.

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