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The crazy hats competition finishes. Sue, Denise, and others watch the end of another race. Denise celebrates her win. Two young women are painted in local colours as part of a Dulux promotion. The gun and backpack are used to apply sunscreen to anyone who wants some.
The gang pose for a photo under the gazebo at Tauherenikau. Dad looks out at the water catchment area in Kaitoke. This is one of the main water catchments for the Wellington area. Dad takes another look at the Kaitoke water catchment area. A closer look at the bush in the Kaitoke area.
Dad and Mum look out at the Kaitoke water catchment and surrounds. Further downstream at the Kaitoke catchment. Mum and Dad stop for a rest while bush walking. A scenic stopping point in Kaitoke next to a water pumping station.
A scenic view next to the car park at Kaitoke. In the lower left corner is a glimpse of water. Another shot of the same scenic view. The water is slightly more visible in this shot. A side entrance to Wellington Railway Station. Through the doors some lights can be seen. The reflections are of buildings across the road on Bunny Street. A front view of Saint Paul's Anglican Cathedral on Molesworth Street, Wellington.
Another front shot of Sanit Paul's Cathedral. The ten o'clock service is in progress inside. The 'beehive' and parliament buildings of New Zealand, on Molesworth Street, Wellington. A second shot of the 'beehive' and parliament buildings on Molesworth Street, Wellington. The parliamentary library building, on Molesworth Street, Wellington.
A closer shot of the 'beehive' building, Wellington. This building is where many politicians spend their time when parliament is not in session. A closer shot of the main entrance to the main parliamentary building. Brunch at Dockside next to Wellington Harbour. Denise, the birthday girl, is in the middle. Wellwishers at Denise's brunch.

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