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A suburban train leaves the railway bridge over the Hutt River, heading towards Woburn station. The perspective is directly south from the top of Whites Line West. Looking west from the top of Whites Line West. The power poles show the direction where a road bridge was originally planned to connect Whites Line West with Wakefield Street on the opposite side of the Hutt River. A full view of the railway bridge over the Hutt River. This bridge also doubles as a pedestrian bridge. A view of the railway junction south of Woburn station. To the left is the branch line towards to Woburn railway workshops. To the right is the main Hutt Valley line. On the far right is a paddock where horses once grazed.
A second view of the railway junction south of Woburn station. This shot is taken from the road bridge crossing the railway line. A shot of the southern end of the Wainuiomata hills, taken from the same road bridge. A more overhead view of the railway junction. To the left of the 'T' sign is the remnants of an old points junction with the southbound railway line. Looking north across the road bridge towards Woburn station.
An overhead view of the railway junction. Here the overhead power lines show where the points off the main line originally were. The branch line was formerly electrified at least as far as the railway workshop. Another shot looking north from the road bridge. Another north facing shot from the road bridge. In the distance a southbound suburban train is at Woburn station. Between the concrete siderails the layout of the Woburn sidings can be seen. Formerly these sidings were all electrified. The same unit as before heads south along the main line towards Wellington.
An eastward shot from the road bridge looking towards the disused building complex. The layout and style of the building suggests it may have once been a suburban movie theatre. A second shot of the building. Here the sign for Cambridge Terrace is more readable, and the cell antennas on top of the building are more prominent. A side alley next to the Woburn road bridge, next to Leighton Avenue. The path leads to a dead end. A second shot of the side alley next to the Woburn road bridge.
Looking south from the bottom of Moana Grove towards the railway workshop. The far right shows a new suburban development at the end of Leighton Avenue. The two locomotives appear to be a DX(?) in TranzRail blue livery, and a DA or DB (with the full-height hood in front of the cab) in the earlier red and blue livery of NZ Rail. A closer shot of one of the main buildings of the railway workshops. Behind the gorse a glimpse of disused railway locomotives can be seen. A long shot of the other buildings comprising the railway workshops. A longer shot of the two near buildings of the railway workshop. The logo 'Alstom' can be easily seen on the side of both buildings.
A long shot showing the full length of one of the 'Alstom' buildings. A closer shot of the two further buildings in the railway workshop. A closer shot of the two 'Alstom' buildings. A southward facing shot of the blue 'Alstom' buildings. One of the houses in the suburban redevelopment can be seen on the right.

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