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Day three at the Basin Reserve, Wellington. This batsman is about to get caught out. Another successful appeal at the Basin Reserve, Wellington. A tail-order New Zealand batsman competently defends his first delivery at the Basin Reserve, Wellington. In the background is the Mount Victoria tunnel. Trojan House on Manners Street, Wellington. I lived on the second floor (where the windows appear to be boarded up) for around six months. In the foreground is Te Aro Park, formerly Pidgeon Park.
Elaine and Lionel Sharman having coffee at my parents' place. Mum, Dad, Elaine, and Lionel Sharman having coffee. Mum, Dad, me (Nicholas), and Lionel having coffee. Elaine is taking the shot. Dad and Mum on the footbridge over Jervois Quay. In the background is Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand. Behind that, Mount Victoria.
Dad and me (Nicholas) on the same footbridge. Towards the lower left you can just see the edge of the lagoon. The boatshed and Rowing club from the same footbridge. In the foreground is the lagoon, and begind it towards the left is Wellington Harbour. One of the models used in the Lord of the Rings trilogy on display at Te Papa. Lower detail of the same model.
Upper detail of the same model. More lower detail of the same model. At the bottom, java enters the pit. A complete shot of the model from in front of the gate. Looking down and across the model from a floor above. At the top, a person looks down from where the 'eye' would be.
A different perspective from the same floor. The lava flow is more visible here. The same model from the other side. Looking out towards the Queens Wharf Event Centre from Te Papa. Reflections off the window are visible on the right hand side. Looking out from Te Papa further north. The Beehive building can be seen on the right. The green building at the bottom centre is the Dockside restaurant. On the far right with Gandalf on the side is the New Zealand Post building. Reflections off the window are more obvious this time, showing the houses around Oriental Bay.
Another view from Te Papa. The New Zealand Post building is on the left, and the Railway Station is partially obscured towards the right. Further north again, looking out from Te Papa. The Mount Kaukau TV and FM radio transmitter appears at the top. On the far right are the lights of the Westpac Trust Stadium. In the reflection are yachts moored at Chaffers Marina. Looking out from Te Papa, further south this time. Frank Kitts Park is in the foreground. One end of the Boatshed appears on the left. On the right hand side, the reflection shows someone holding a digital camera. Looking from Te Papa, further south again. Here we see the Rowing Club and the Boatshed from the other side. Behind it is Wellington Library. The Majestic Centre appears on the far left hand side.

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