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Diesel 7319 decouples from the Royalla train after entering Queanbeyan station from Canberra. In the background the main line continues on to Goulburn and Sydney. Diesel 7319 with the Royalla carriages behind it. It will shortly join the other end of the train before continuing the journey to Royalla. Detail on diesel 7319. A view along Queanbeyan platform from the other end of the train.
Diesel 7319 on the loop line as it runs around the train. In the background are the two lines towards Michelago (left) and Canberra (right). Diesel 7319 as it joins the carriages, now pointing towards Royalla. Detail of the inside of 7319. Queanbeyan platform.
Looking down Queanbeyan platform. General Waiting Room sign on Queanbeyan platform. Looking back towards the western end of Queanbeyan platform. The train approaches the signals at Queanbeyan station.
Trolleys on one of the sidings next to Queanbeyan station. The signal is down for the Bombala line at Queanbeyan station. A disused goods platform just out of Queanbeyan station. A restored railcar just out of Queanbeyan station.
The goods crane at Queanbeyan rail yard. The crane now straddles a security fence. The train approaches the Arnott Street crossing. On the other side was Fraser Park Raceway, until it was closed around five years ago. IMG_0044.jpg IMG_0046.jpg
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