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Another look north from the Royalla station yard back towards Queanbeyan. A 40 sign can be seen amongst the weeds. Another look south along the siding at Royalla station. IMG_0125.jpg IMG_0127.jpg
A look east across the railway crossing just north of the Royalla platform. Another look at the Trackman SPV. Detail on the 7319 diesel. A look along the side of diesel 7319 and the loop line at Royalla station.
A warning sign inside one of the carriages. Ritchie Brothers glass sign at one end of a carriage. Clyde Engineering Co. glass sign at one end of a carriage. Detail inside one of the carriages. The photos are of Nambucca Heads and Yamba.
Another look inside a railway carriage. We can see the entrance to the toilet compartment. IMG_0147.jpg IMG_0149.jpg IMG_0151.jpg
IMG_0152.jpg IMG_0154.jpg A sign indicating a railway crossing ahead. IMG_0156.jpg
Another look at the Tuggeranong platform as the train heads north towards Queanbeyan. The Tuggeranong siding rejoins the main line. A view along the line north to Queanbeyan, which can be seen in the distance. A caution 30 marker on the side of the track. It appears to have said 20 originally.

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