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The train crosses Arnott Street again heading north to Queanbeyan. An industrial siding joins the main line just north of the Arnott Street crossing. The train pauses in the cutting just outside of Queanbeyan station. Another look at the goods crane heading into Queanbeyan station.
Sidings at Queanbeyan station as people wait to take photographs. A look inside the signal box at Queanbeyan station. A diagram showing the points and signals at Queanbeyan station. The diagram is dated April 25th 1917. Another look in the signal box at Queanbeyan station, this time in moody black-and-white.
The front of the carriages at Queanbeyan station waiting for the diesel to be reattached. Diesel 7319 on the loop line at Queanbeyan station. The signals at Queanbeyan station point up as diesel 7319 crosses back to the main line. Diesel 7319 reattaches to the carriages at Queanbeyan station.
Buffers of diesel 7319 and the front carriage at Queanbeyan station. Detail of light switches inside one of the railway carriages. The fitting is marked J Stone & Co. Ltd, London.

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