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IMG_0051.jpg IMG_0053.jpg IMG_0055.jpg The train approaches the old Tuggeranong platform. Levers that control the points to the platform can be seen on the left.
The Tuggeranong platform on the right, with an overgrown siding running next to it. The end of Tuggeranong platform. The siding runs further for a short distance before terminating. Just past the end of the Tuggeranong platform siding. There's no indication that it rejoined the main line at the southern end. IMG_0061.jpg
IMG_0062.jpg A view out towards the southern end of the Tuggeranong valley. IMG_0064.jpg IMG_0065.jpg
IMG_0066.jpg IMG_0067.jpg IMG_0068.jpg IMG_0069.jpg
The train will shortly reach Royalla station. The train goes over the crossing with Old Cooma Road. The crossing is guarded with stop signs only. The train approaches Royalla. The signals can be seen in the distance on the left. To the right a road formation can be seen approaching the crossing. The train approaches the signals just north of Royalla station.
The train passes the signals north of Royalla station at crawling pace. Both signals are up, and there appear to be solar panels on the structure. Detail of the sign at the bottom of the signals north of Royalla station. The sign indicates that drivers may proceed if the line ahead is unoccupied. The cutting just north of Royalla station. The north end of the Royalla station yard. A loop line and a siding can be seen on the right.

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