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The railway crossing on the northern outskirts of Williamsdale, looking west. The railway marks the boundary between New South Wales and the ACT. Looking north from Williamsdale. Looking across the northern side of the railway crossing towards the Cooma highway. Looking north along the tracks from Williamsdate. No obvious buckles on this section of track.
Looking south across the railway crossing towards Williamsdale. Looking south towards the Williamsdale (goods?) platform. The tracks look like they haven't been used for quite some time. A closer look south at the platform. There appears to be room for a siding next to the main line, though no evidence of track exists there. A closer look at one of the bolts on the southwest end of the crossing.
Another look south. We can see a trolley shed and a sign in the distance. The amount of regrowth around the track is also clear. A look at the cattle stop south of the crossing. A look north of Williamsdale across the railway crossing. The shine on the track appears to be from road traffic. A look at the gate and railway poles southeast of the crossing. The hump is where the platform sits.
South of Williamsdale, next to a railway cutting. This road bridge still has tar seal on it, indicating it may have once been the main road south. A trestle bridge south of Williamsdale, looking roughly east. A trestle bridge south of Williamsdale, looking south east. The southern end of the bridge, looking south towards a cutting.
Tin Hare no. 6 at Cooma railway station. The track in the distance continues south to Bombala. The Cooma board at the northern end of the platform. Cut cables emerge from the northern side of the signal box. A small building at the northern end of Cooma platform.
The Tin Hare at Cooma platform. On the left, a small wooden (goods?) platform can be seen on the loop line. Another look at the Tin Hare. In the shadow of the platform, some of today's passengers can be seen. A look inside the signal box through the northern window. Hi-vis vests can be seen on the far wall. Tin hare no. 6 looking north along the platform. The barracks can be seen on the right.

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