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A cattle ramp can be seen next to the loop line. The passenger platform can also be seen on the right. Both goods and passenger platforms can be seen here at Chakola station. The station building and surrounding farm land at Chakola. The cutting just beyond Chakola station. Beyond this point, a major bridge has been damaged, preventing the tour from continuing any further north.
Block-of-line boards can be seen on the track. In the far distance, the bridge can be seen. A closer look at the damaged railway bridge. The dip in the structure is quite visible. Another look at the controls of the Tin Hare. The brickwork at the northern end of Chakola platform.
A closer look at Chakola platform and rebuilt railway station building. Inside the station building. The ticket office is on the other side of the wooden panel. Even the power points have been restored to original condition. They are not presently wired to the electricity system. A closer look at the ticket box and adjacent light switches.
The light switches close-up. The lights at Chakola station were still present when the station was restored. The foundations of a demolished building at the southern end of Chakola station. Looking back across the tracks towards Cooma and the cattle ramp.
Cattle ramp, railway crossing sign, and the railway itself, just south of Chakola station. The southern end of the foundations at Chakola station, looking back to the rail car. Close-up of the foundations, with the cattle ramp in the distance. The Tin Hare at Chakola station.
A closer look at the goods platform at Chakola. Looking north along the track from Chakola station. Passengers take a closer look at the Tin Hare at Chakola station. Chakola station sign and surrounding farm land. My backpack can be seen at the bottom.

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