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The railway continues underneath a road bridge north of Cooma. The cutting just beyond the road bridge. The railway continues on quite a sharp curve at this point. As the railway continues right, the Cooma highway continues northeast. Another railway crossing around Polo Flat. This one does not have bells.
The rail car continues over the crossing. In the far distance the Snowy Junction platform can be made out. The way is clear across the railway crossing. The rifle and racing clubs near Polo Flat. The Snowy Junction station is often used for special services to these clubs. The line briefly approaches the Cooma highway on the left before turning away towards Bunyan.
Bunyan station and rail yards. When two Tin Hare rail cars are in operation, they often cross at this station. Bunyan station, with tracks on either side of the platform. Other remnants of the railway can be found amongst the weeds. Looking north out of Bunyan station. A long straight out of Bunyan as we approach one of the rail bridges on the line.
The rail bridge, with a small kink in the rail before we get there. The rail cutting continues to the right, surrounded by farm land. More farm land between Bunyan and Chakola stations. A small cutting, and another minor wiggle in the tracks.
More farm land as we get closer to Chakola station. More straight running on the Tin Hare. The grass around the railway shows how much land the line occupies on either side of the track. Another easy curve as the line continues north towards Chakola station.
Another small buckle on the line is easily seen as Chakola station rapidly approaches, beyond the next cutting. Farm land on the right hand side of the track. Autumn has clearly arrived in this part of the country. The final crossing before we arrive at Chakola station, just out of shot. The disused loop line at Chakola station branches away to the left. The passenger platform can be seen in the distance.

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