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The welcome board and visitors book on Cooma platform. A diagrams of the points and signals at Cooma station, dated 17 December 1962. Hi-vis coats around the Michelago staff machine. An automatic electric train staff machine for Bredbo.
Another look at the points levers from the doorway. A copy of the signal diagram on the southern wall of the signal box. A look inside the centre door of the rail car. Cooma railway station from the carpark side.
The inside of the 'gentlemen' rest room. Looking across from the railcar back to the northern end of Cooma station. North from Cooma station from inside the rail car. The windows are dirty, so some grime is visible. The points are set for the main line north of Cooma station.
The rail car crosses over the points, and we see the main shed in the distance. A goods wagon and water tank at the northern end of Cooma rail yard. A goods platform at the far north of Cooma rail yard. Approaching the cutting north of Cooma rail yard. A small shed can be seen on the left.
The last set of points to join up with the main line north of Cooma. The cutting and sheds can be seen clearly. An industrial siding away to the left of the main line. The siding has a fence blocking traffic. The line continues climbing out of Cooma. Here we're approaching a railway crossing. Another look at the railway crossing and the cattle stops either side. The bells on the crossing are manually operated.
The crossing lights are working, and a volunteer makes sure traffic is stopped before the rail car proceeds. The driver's seat and controls in the rail car. The cutting towards the north end of Cooma. Further up the cutting out of Cooma. In the distance, the rail curves around towards a road bridge.

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