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A last look at Chakola station before the train returns to Cooma. The inside of a Tin Hare rail car. Another look inside the rail car. The sun comes out as the Tin Hare approaches Polo Flat.
Polo Flat road, and beyond the signs the race track is visible. The Tin Hare passes by the electricity substation on the way back to Cooma station. On the descent back to Cooma station, the Tin Hare is about to go under the road bridge. The last railway crossing before we reach Cooma station. The bells are working, but sometimes road users ignore them.
The final curve and cutting down to Cooma station. The main goods platform in Cooma rail yard, now disused. The engine shed and wagon at Cooma rail yard. Another wagon and signals in the Cooma rail yard.
The rail car crosses the points leading up to Cooma station. The car park at the northern end of Cooma station. At the top of the hill is a microwave station and repeater for SBS television. Another look at Cooma station from the car park side as the shadows grow longer. Looking down the road embankment from Cooma railway station.
The shadows have nearly reached Cooma station building. I was on the phone to my folks in New Zealand while taking this photo. 'Private Cars'. Looking through the trees from the car park towards Cooma town. An old railway cutting not far from Colinton. The railway used to cross the highway at this point. To the left is a public rest area. The fence line shows the boundary of the railway land. A look south up the embankment towards Colinton. The railway would have crossed the road at this point.
The last bent railway track before the old crossing over the highway. A sleeper with cable attached, possibly for signalling or for a railway crossing. We also see how far the rail has been bent from the sleeper. An old bolt next to the railway track near Colinton. Another look up the embankment south of the former crossing. The embankment is surprisingly steep for a railway.

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